Our Aim

  • The rehabilitation program is stressing the concepts of “together” , “we”, “meeting with the nature”, “habitat”, “sharing”.
  • We will put children to habitat of creatures, associated them to their daily life; we will provide children to spend a happy day taking advantage of education of drama in nature and natural environment.
  • The LPN project Rehabilition Program in The Nature aims to gain self-confidence of the handicapped with independent life skills such as feeding and caring animal species in natural environments, agricultural activities and creating awareness in families.
  • Primary problems of children with mental disabilities are based on society, communication and lack of love.
  • A children with mental disabilities can develop her/his independent motor abilities and self-confidence and it’s possible with totally special rehabilitation works.
  • In case of required rehabilitation works couldn’t be done, persons in these groups could be consumer and dependent in their lifetime.
  • Even there has been positive developments recently about handicapped persons in Europe and Turkey such as nursing at home or special nursing, is needed to rehabilitation models for taking them from buildings and towns.
  • The common threads of this all rehabilitation models are being in the buildings and center of cities.
  • “Rehabilitation Model in Nature of Children with Mental Disabilities” which is suggesting by YAŞAD and acquiring and adopting by Social Recovery Program has been suggesting as a reformist and applicable model.
  • With Rehabilitation Works based on “Meeting with Nature”, creating attachment with “Creatures and Animals in Nature”, “Supporting Love Interchange”, has been thinking that take a result more quickly on Works for reintroduce handicapped children to society.

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